Why Hire A Professional Designer?

So, the big question that many homeowners who are either thinking about building a new home or renovating their existing home, is should they hire an Interior Designer? And the answer for the most part is YES! Interior Designers are able to not only save their clients time and money, but they are able to simplify the process and incorporate all of the available options into a cohesive plan and design! Most designers have a larger vision of how to make a home flow from the entry throughout the entire space while staying within the client's budget. Building and remodeling takes quite a bit of planning and scheduling and finding a designer who is not only talented but extremely organized is key. Most of the responsibility for budget and scheduling falls on the Interior Designer and they are responsible for keeping the job moving while offering selections that are within their client's budget constraints. Ideally, the designer should be part of the overall budget pre-planning sessions as they know what options and materials are available in the low, mid to high-end categories. Having a designer from the onset of the planning sessions can prevent mistakes from happening onsite as well as provide solutions for unexpected problems that arise. The designer is also a liason between the homeowner, builder and subcontractors which actually helps to protect the homeowner from costly mistakes. One other component that is extremely important is communication. Having a designer that is easily accessible and who communicates effectively with the team and clients helps the build to stay on schedule and budget as well as avoiding costly errors. Also, having a designer who has a great working relationship with the builder and remodeling team ensures a positive building experience for their client which in turn results in repeat business.

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